Our Mission:  To assist the blind by transcribing a wide variety of materials into Braille. We serve all ages, specializing in textbooks for elementary and secondary school children. We also recruit volunteers and train them to transcribe Braille.

Our Books & Services

Our Books:  We can quickly provide copies of over 1000 books from our extensive inventory. Our textbooks are typically interpoint (double sided) Grade-2 Braille. In addition, we create maps and charts using thermoform (plastic sheet ) impressions of hand-made tactile graphics.

Our Services:  We will help you locate a Braille book, or give you a quote to transcribe a book for the first time. Additionally, we will transcribe and/or emboss any text material that a blind student or adult might need.
We work with individuals, schools, businesses, hospitals, churches and other non-profit groups.

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Our Volunteers

Our Transcriber Volunteers:  The very heart of our service. Without these hard-working individuals there would be no Braille material available to the blind. Learning the complex rules of Braille is no easy task, but these dedicated volunteers have mastered their craft and perform it tirelessly. Most of our Transcribers work from home computers and therefore can be located anywhere in the world.

Our Graphics Volunteers:   Transform the many visual aids found in today’s text books into tactile graphics to allow the blind student to FEEL what the other students are seeing. Their workshop is filled with all kinds of materials that can be distinguished by touch; sandpaper, canvas, corrugated paper, string, dotted cloth, cardboard cut outs………limited only by the imagination and the requirement that the material not melt in the process of heat pressing its impression onto plastic book pages (thermoform process).

Our Embossing/Binding Volunteers:  Take the transcriber’s work and make it into the physical, touchable, and therefore readable book. They run our embossing, collating and binding machines to create the finished product, the many volumes of a Braille Book.

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Our History

Midwestern Braille Volunteers have been producing Braille material since 1963. We were originally formed as a service organization to produce Braille documents for the Catholic Church. As demand for other Braille materials grew, we formed a stand-alone non-profit organization serving schools and businesses with all kinds of Braille material in addition to our work for the church.


How to reach us:

Midwestern Braille Volunteers

104 W. Adams

St. Louis, MO 63122


Hours: Mon-Fri  8:00am-1:00pm

Closed on Holidays


Phone: (314) 966-5828

Fax: (314) 966-0388

Email: mbvol@sbcglobal.net


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